Data Recovery Chicago: Cost-Effective Ways to Recover Files

There are 3 possible ways to retrieve your files when you delete your files or format your hard drive: digg for a backup version, recover files yourself or hire a data recovery genius to help you.

The backup version usually isn't the latest and worse most people doesn't have a habit to backup files. It's safe to deliver your storage device to a Chicago data recovery service provider to retrieve your lost files. But it costs you lost of time and money. You have to wait and it means lots of cash.

So why not find a data recovery software and recover deleted files yourself? Most Chicago data recovery service providers also use data recovery software to recover your files. Here is the how it works: When you delete a file, it doesn't really disappear. It just turns into an inaccessible status and will be permanently erased only by a new file, taking up the original space. If you want a cost-effective and fast way to get back your files, first try WS Data Recovery Software. It's 100% risk-free and totally FREE to recover the first 100MB files with the Windows version.


IMPORTANT: Install the software to an external HDD or a drive your lost data don't reside.

Supported Data Loss Scenarios by WS Data Recovery Software

Deleting • "Shift + Delete"
• Delete files and empty Recycle Bin
Formatting • Unexpectedly format hard drive
• Disk initializations when memory card is connected
Human Errors • Turning off the storage media while writing data
• Factory resetting without backup
• Using memory card between different cameras
• Pulling out SD card while the camera is ON
Other reasons • Virus infection
• System crashed
• Restored Windows system
• Unexpected power off
• Partition table is invalid

Chicago Data Recovery Service Providers

Data Recovery Chicago 1. Promise Data Recovery Service

Phone (Chicago, IL): (800) 313-0044, learn more >>

Address: 3525 W Peterson Ave #309, Chicago, IL 60659

2. Kroll OnTrack Data Recovery Service

Phone (IL, US): 800 872 2599, learn more >>

3. Seagate File Recovery Service

Phone (IL, US): 1 800 475 0143, learn more >>

DIY Data Recovery Chicago - Get Files Back without Waiting

WS Data Recovery software lets you perform a data recovery yourself. Below are easy steps to recover files using it, at your home in Chicago, IL. You don't need to call and wait. It reads data only and thus 100% safe to recover your files. IMPORTANT: Install the software to an external HDD or a partition your lost data don't reside.

Step 1:

Run the program and select a recovery mode

Step 2:

Select the hard drive and scan for lost files

Step 3:

Preview and recover found files to another partition or disk

Data Recovery IL

Video Tutorial: Data Recovery Chicago

Download WS Data Recovery software now to recover deleted files in a fast and easy way.


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