Recover Deleted Files from PC/Mac

Intuitive and easy to use data recovery software to get back deleted, formatted and lost data due to overall operations.

Recover Deleted Files from iPhone

Recover contacts, messages, photos, call history, reminders, notes, etc. from iPhone, iPod and iPad in a few clicks.

Recover Lost Files from Android

Retrieve deleted and lost messages, contacts, photos and video from Android phones and tablets.

Recover Deleted Photo Files

Retrieve photos from Trash, camera card, USB drives, and memory cards like SD card, CF card, Memory Sticks, etc. safely.

What to Do When Disaster Strike

Data loss might be the worst thing that have ever happened to computer users. It means that hours, days or even years of work has gone. But don't panic. There is a chance to get them back if you take our advice. The first thing is to take a deep breath and stop what you're doing. This is VERY IMPORTANT because it's related to the success rate to get your files back. Now you have two messages. The good news is that when you hold down Shift-Delete or Empty Trash, your files are still there until they are overwritten. The bad news is that the taken space is marked as free space, so any afterward operation might cause new data writing and erase your data perminently. That means you can't recover files with any file recovery software.

Find the right data recovery software. This is the next thing you should do. You can do it yourself or send your computer to a computer center and let the experts do it for you. Usually, a decent file recovery software can help you recover deleted files in minutes. On this site, you'll find file recovery software to rescue lost files from your Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, memory card, USB devices, MP3 player and other portable devices. Just scan your device, preview the result and restrieve anything you want. With our data recovery product, it has never been easier to fix your problem and make your mind pease. We do our best to save your time and money.

If you're encountering a more complicated problem, feel free to cotnact us.  We'll do our best to serve you and a 48-hour response is guaranteed. For example, how to rescue files from your unbootable drive; data recovery from optical media like a CD or DVD; how to backup files in case data loss happens again.

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What Our Customers Say

"I accidentally deleted a partition with 10 years worth of photos and videos of my children and family, and felt despair with a desire to die. So I immediately search online for file recovery software and downloaded from this site. In minutes, it found all the files I thought was lost forever. You have saved my life. Thank you so much. " Jean White, USA

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